For over 110 years

A history of passion and dedication

In 1898 Egisto Lenzi began his career as a merchant of raw materials.
A few years later, in Prato, he converted his activity into textile manufacturing and created the company’s first production unit. Due to its fast growth, in 1936 Lenzi joined the production centre in Vaiano, which offered a larger industrial area. Today, the company’s main office and part of the production are still based in Vaiano.
The acquisition of production units in the area enabled the Lenzi Group to become a company with fully integrated production within its own internal departments, able to cover the entire textile cycle, including: traditional weaving, jacquard weaving, production of non-woven fabrics, dye works, print house, finishing including special finishes, such as: lamination, coating, bonding, resin coating and special types of treatment. The Research and Development centre and the Quality Control section complete the cycle.
Although the production of unconventional fabrics began immediately after the war,
it is only in the last decade that the great technological changes in the textile sector have brought the consolidation of new commercial
strategies and an increased demand for high-tech fibres.


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A lot has changed since 1898 but our passion and love for our work remain unaltered.

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Weaving and bonding

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Lenzi Egisto by FF

Thanks to the synergy between plants and departments and the extremely well-structured production, Lenzi Egisto by FF is able to produce independently all the materials listed in the catalogue.

This facilitates the manufacturing of a wide range of products able to meet our customers’ special needs.



Jacquard and Dobby Weaving

  • Jacquard looms
  • Dobby looms
  • Dornier looms




Hot Melt Bonding

The Hot Melt technology allows to couple fabrics of different types: from the lightest to the heaviest, designated for different uses: work or sportswear, safety or hiking shoes, and fashion accessories.


Certified Quality

FF products are in conformity with ISO 9001 / UNI EN ISO 9001 : 2008
Download the ISO certificate (PDF)

Biomechanics, ballistics and development of custom fabrics

For over a century

Research and Development



Targeted research and integrated production

For over a century, Lenzi Egisto has been offering top quality fabrics, the result of targeted research and integrated production within the company’s own internal units. The high number of patents and trademarks reflects the excellence of the company’s Research and Development centre where some of the market’s most innovative and revolutionary ideas have been conceived. The company’s own laboratories are able to conduct the most advanced of tests. All the materials undergo constant biomechanical, ballistic and chemical assessment in order to ensure unmatched standards of excellence.


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Fair, events and news



The objective of the project is the development of a new, more stable and stiff anti-seismic fabric, obtained through an alternative weaving process with special gripper looms and a subsequent application phase for impregnation of special styrene-butadiene-based resins.


We will be present at Linea Pelle in Milan - Date : 2/4 October 2019 (Pad. 9P from B3 to B5 )
For more information visit the event website

Tech Textil

14 - 17 May 2019 - Frankfurt am Main


Dusseldorf 5-8 November 2019

Vaiano and the strength of its river, once the seat of the Val Bisenzio Workers’ Republic

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